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New Kids on the NATPE Block

Dozens of New Sellers Tackle NATPE Marketplace





NATPE is chock full of buyers and sellers - some well knows, some just emerging. You probably know the big names already, but Extra Extra thought we’d take a look at some of the newest kids on the NATPE block. The new exhibitors come from all corners of the world: Europe, Asia, Africe, the Middle East and Russia.  Their wares range from comedies to dramas to historical fare, We talked with companies who are exhibiting at NATPE for the very first time. Keep your eye on these guys - you’ll say you knew them when.


Viral videos are great -- attracting millions and millions of views --but how do you make money form them? Jukin Media, based in Los Angeles, says they’ve found a way. Using technology and people - they have scouts in all 24 time zones - they scour the internet searching for potential viral videos, then acquire those videos directly from content owners, and push them through social media channels to help them go viral. Original producers make money from selling their rights and/or from sharing ad revenues with Jukin. The company also provides these video clips to network and cable TV shows. Clients include Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper, and other big name shows. Jukin also co-produced World’s Funniest Fails (with Dick Clark Productions) which debuted on Fox stations last week. The show is hosted by Terry Crews, Brooklyn Nine-Nine alum and host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Jukin is at NATPE to sell their services and collaborate with other production companies to produce new content.


London-based Avalon Distribution is bringing a catalogue of almost 3,000 hours of comedy, entertainment and factual programming to NATPE. Highlights include Catastrophe, a new scripted comedy that follows an Irish woman and an American man who make a bloody mess as they struggle to fall in love in London. The show stars comedian and best-selling author Rob Delaney, (who also writes the series), along with award-winning actress Sharon Horgan. Avalon’s factual programming includes the entertaining BBC series Scrappers (12 x 30’) and C5 ratings winner The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door (19 x 60’), both returning with new seasons for 2015.


Also flying in from London is TCB Media Rights, which is offering factual and lifestyle entertainment. Superhuman Superscience (13 x 30) from Story House Productions, applies the laws of physics, human physiology, and video analysis in their own virtual science lab to separate the super human from the super special effects in video. Supercar Superbuild (8 x 60), produced by Cry Havoc Productions, features the world’s most desirable four-wheeled machines and their often quirky creators. Each episode focuses on the origin of the machine, the design, the challenges in developing and building it, and ultimately its performance.


KABO International, based in Paris, offers what they call a “revolutionary sitcom format recipe.” Called Pick’n Mix, it’s comprised of individual comedy sketches that can be assembled in any order to suit a broadcaster’s programming schedule.  Our Crazy Family is a comedy show from this format that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a multi-generational family as they try to get along. A second program, Cash or Splash!, features two teams that battle it out to test their knowledge of pop culture, basic history and science. The winners get cash; the losing team gets the ‘splash’, where they are hit by pies, fish soup, shaving cream - anything that makes a splash.  


Sovtelexport, an overseas distributor of Russia’s television comes to NATPE all the way from Moscow with its extensive catalogue of feature films, documentaries, adaptations of Russian classics and TV shows. Ekaterina is an historical drama that tells the story of the daughter of an impoverished Prussian Prince who marries the future Tsar of Russia, Peter III. She dreams of love, but the Tsar prefers war games and shows little interest in women. The young girl’s  innocence soon changes to vice and she channels her loneliness into a quest for power. This dreamy young girl becomes a woman full of strength, who goes on to conquer both land and hearts. She grows up to become Catherine the Great. Demons is a classical drama (4 X 44’/ 2014) set in the Russian Empire in the 1870s. A quiet provincial town is turned upside down when two prodigal sons, aristocrat Nikolai Stavrogin and political opportunist Pyotr Verkhovensky, return from St. Petersburg. The two disrupt life in the sleepy little town, brawling and dueling and seducing women. A chain of tragic events follow, and a wave of fear sweeps the town, as residents resist this invasion of “demons.”


Eiken Basque Audiovisual Cluster is a collaborative of four production companies based in the Basque region of Spain. They come to NATPE to promote Bilbao and Bizkaia shooting locations, and to showcase the burgeoning film industry in their area. Cluster members include: Expressive Media, which operates on the national level in Spain, managing the audiovisual catalogue of Basque TV and independent producers. On the international level, they are looking to acquire quality foreign products for distribution in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Independent production companies Grupo Campus and J.O.K. Films, are also Cluster members, as well as The Blackout Project (see below).


The Blackout Project, based in Getxo, Spain, helps broadcasters, advertising agencies, NGO's and other companies develop their marketing and communications strategies through video content. They offer creativity, production, on line and broadcast distribution and metrics of results, providing video formats, live streaming, interactive events, and apps based on programming content. Clients include Mediaset Group, Spanish Broadcasters group EITB, Bilbao Basket Basketball Team) and the Spanish affiliate of WPP group (Group M)


Calinos Entertainment arrives in Miami from Turkey with a portfolio of TV series and full length feature films. Feriha is a young beautiful girl with a brilliant mind, many dreams, but no money. The series, A Girl Named Feriha, tells her story as she goes to college on a full scholarship, and pretends to be rich. In the 184-hour series, Feriha falls in love with Emir, a wealthy playboy, seducing him with her new false identity. Their romance - a fairy tale based on a white lie - causes trouble in Feriha’s family as they watch their daughter leave them behind and move into a new world of wealth and privilege. Will Feriha risk her dreams to find love? Or will Emir discard her and leave her without family, friends or a career?

The Calinos series A Love Story tells the story of Korkut, a young German man abandoned by his mother at birth. Ceylan is a beautiful young woman working as a fashion designer in Instanbul. She falls in love with Korkut, but their love seems doomed when Korkut is shot. The series moves from Europe to Istanbul and back again as the star crossed lovers search for peace and true fulfillment. 


Eastwest Film Distribution, based in Vienna, offers feature films in more than 20 languages from production companies in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Island of Secrets tells the story of 15 year-old Toni, whose is forced to take a vacation in Greece with his dad, new step-mother and two new stepbrothers. While there, Toni meets a beautiful local girl named Adriana who is suddenly kidnapped. Toni understands he needs his stepbrothers’ help to save Adriana, and the three boys embark on a coming-of-age adventure, chasing international art thieves, avoiding the police, and risking their lives to get Adriana back.


So there you have it - an eclectic group of newbies, all looking to find their places in the global marketplace that is NATPE. Whatever happens this time around, you can bet that some of these companies will be back in bigger and better ways in the future. So welcome, bienvenue, bienvenida, karşılama and добро пожаловать. May all your NATPE dreams come true.