About Cathy Corcoran


I've been writing for daily newspapers and other publications for years. My novel, Magic Happens, was published in 2009.

I've also been a communications consultant for many clients.


I’ve done TV ad campigns, web sites, newsletters, annual reports. 

You name it, I’ve written it. I’veproduced it.


I also tell stories with video.  As I tell anyone who will listen, everyone has a camera, but it's not about the camera - it's about the story. I love helping clients find their stories and tell them through video.


Of course I’m still writing. I'm working on another novel, and writing for clients - everything from ad copy to scripts, to speeches, to annual reports.


If you want a writer, a videographer, an ad manager, someone who’s smart and fun and funny, send me an email.

Now that you know all about me, I'd love to learn more about you.